What Time Hardee'S Close

What Time Hardee’s Close?: Unveil Their Hours Today!

Hardee’s typically closes at 10 PM, but hours may vary by location. Confirm with your local Hardee’s for exact closing times.

Hardee’s, known for its savory burgers and breakfast menu, caters to hungry patrons throughout the day. As a fast-food chain with a reputation for hearty meals, it’s essential for customers to know the operating hours, especially when those late-night cravings hit.

Whether you’re planning a quick lunch or eyeing their famous Thickburgers for dinner, checking the local store hours ensures you don’t miss out. Remember that some locations might offer extended hours or operate on a reduced schedule during holidays. Always check the Hardee’s website or call ahead to get the most accurate closing time for your nearest Hardee’s restaurant.

Introduction To Hardee’s Operating Hours

Hardee’s operating hours are key for meal planning. Many wonder why this matters. Fast food timings vary. Knowing Hardee’s schedule helps compare it to others. Convenience and availability are crucial. People seek late-night or early-morning options. Hardee’s fits some needs but not all. Understanding its hours improves decision-making.

Early Birds: Hardee’s Opening Hours

Hardee’s caters to the morning crowd with early opening hours. On weekdays, doors open at 6 AM, allowing patrons to grab their favorite breakfast items. This schedule is consistent from Monday to Friday, providing a reliable option for a hearty start to the day.

During the weekends, Hardee’s adjusts its schedule. Saturdays and Sundays welcome customers at 6 AM as well, ensuring that weekend early risers don’t miss out on their breakfast favorites. Whether it’s a weekday or weekend, Hardee’s commitment to early service remains steadfast.

Night Owls: When Does Hardee’s Close?

Hardee’s typically shuts its doors at 10 PM on weekdays. On weekends, 11 PM is the usual time to say goodnight.

Some locations might close later, especially in busy areas. It’s always best to check with your local Hardee’s for the most accurate information.

Day of the Week Regular Closing Time
Monday – Thursday 10 PM
Friday 10 PM or later
Saturday 11 PM or later
Sunday 11 PM
What Time Hardee's Close?: Unveil Their Hours Today!

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Seasonal Adjustments In Hardee’s Hours

Hardee’s hours change with the seasons. Holiday schedules also impact when they open and close. During summer, you might find them open later. Winter may bring earlier closings. Always check their website or call ahead on special days. This ensures you don’t miss out on your favorite meals.

Finding Hardee’s Hours Near You

Discovering Hardee’s operating hours is straightforward with the right tools. Utilize online resources to quickly find up-to-date information. Simply enter your location, and you’ll get the nearest Hardee’s hours.

The Hardee’s mobile app offers another layer of convenience. It’s designed for easy navigation and provides users with the ability to view local restaurant hours. The app also includes features like menu browsing and exclusive deals.

What Time Hardee's Close?: Unveil Their Hours Today!

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Special Events And Extended Hours

Hardee’s often adjusts hours for special events and promotions. Unique deals can lead to extended operating times. It’s important to check with your local Hardee’s for exact hours during these periods. Each restaurant may have different schedules based on local events or customer traffic.

Limited-time offers can significantly impact store hours. Seasonal specials or new menu launches might extend closing times. Patrons should look up the latest promotion schedules online or contact their nearest location.

How To Maximize Your Hardee’s Experience

Visiting Hardee’s at the right time makes your experience better. Early morning or late evening are great. These times help you avoid crowds. Lunch hours often see the most people. Planning your visit around these hours is smart. Weekends can be busier than weekdays. Try a weekday visit for a calmer experience. Remember, each location’s hours might vary. Checking the local Hardee’s schedule online before going is a good idea. This ensures you don’t miss out on their tasty meals. Enjoying Hardee’s without the rush is possible. Just pick your visit time wisely.

Faqs On Hardee’s Operating Hours

Hardee’s operating hours may vary by location. Discrepancies in closing times are possible. Customers should verify the hours for their local Hardee’s. Use the official Hardee’s store locator online for accurate information.

Should you encounter differing hours, contacting customer service is advisable. They provide up-to-date information and address concerns. The customer service team can be reached through Hardee’s website or by phone. Ensure you have your local store’s details on hand for a swift response.

Remember, special events or holidays might affect the usual operating times. It’s best to check in advance during these periods. This approach helps to plan your visit accordingly and avoid inconvenience.

What Time Hardee's Close?: Unveil Their Hours Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Hardee’s Now?

Hardee’s is currently owned by CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. , a parent company known for managing fast-food brands.

Why Are So Many Hardee’s Restaurants Closing?

Many Hardee’s locations are closing due to declining sales, rising operational costs, and shifts in consumer preferences toward healthier dining options.

How Many States Are Hardees In?

Hardee’s operates in 30 states across the United States, offering a variety of fast-food options.

What’s Hardee’s Corporate Number For Complaints?

To address complaints, contact Hardee’s corporate office at 1-877-799-STAR (7827). Ensure you provide clear details for prompt assistance.


As you plan your next visit to Hardee’s, remember their closing times can vary by location. Always check your local restaurant for accurate hours to satisfy those burger cravings. Enjoy Hardee’s delicious menu offerings and make sure to beat the clock for a great dining experience.

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