Spangles Menu And Prices: Savor Cost-Friendly Delights!

Spangles’ menu offers a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and breakfast items at affordable prices. Prices range from around $1 for sides to $8 for combo meals.

Spangles is a fast-food restaurant chain known for its retro-themed diners and a menu that caters to a variety of tastes. With a reputation for serving freshly made, delicious meals, this dining spot has become a favorite among those seeking a quick bite without breaking the bank.

From their classic steakburgers and gourmet supreme sandwiches to the all-day breakfast and delectable sweets, Spangles ensures that quality comes first, keeping customers coming back. Their user-friendly menu, clearly displayed in-store and online, makes choosing a tasty, value-for-money meal easy and convenient. Whether it’s a morning coffee run or a late-night snack, Spangles satisfies your cravings with its tempting options and easy-on-the-wallet pricing.

Spangles Menu: A Fusion Of Flavor And Affordability

Spangles Menu offers a variety of Signature Burgers and Sandwiches. Each burger is a unique blend of flavors. The Gourmet Supreme and Garlic Parmesan Bacon Chicken stand out. Enjoy these sandwiches at great prices.

Don’t miss the Light Bites and Side Orders. The Cheddar Fries are a crowd favorite. Both kids and adults love them. For a healthier option, the Garden Salad is perfect. All side orders complement the burgers and sandwiches well.

Item Size Price
Signature Burger Regular $4.99
Chicken Sandwich Large $5.49
Cheddar Fries Snack $2.49
Garden Salad Full $3.99
Spangles Menu And Prices: Savor Cost-Friendly Delights!

Start Your Day Right: Spangles Breakfast Selections

Kick off your morning with Spangles Breakfast Selections, a delicious way to fuel your day! Hot Breakfast Treats for Early Birds include a variety of mouth-watering options sure to satisfy. From savory eggs and crispy bacon to fluffy pancakes and golden hash browns, there’s something for everyone.

Sip on a hot cup of coffee or choose from an assortment of refreshing beverages to complement your meal. Whether you prefer a bold espresso or a creamy latte, Spangles has your taste buds covered. Don’t forget to try the rich hot chocolate or a chilled juice for a fruity twist!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Desserts And Shakes

Craving something sweet and delightful? Explore Spangles’ delectable desserts!

  • Frosty Shakes come in multiple flavors, each rich and creamy.
  • Soft Serve ice cream is smooth and whipped to perfection.
  • Their confectionery selection includes classic favorite pies.

Choose from chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry shakes. Pies are filled with fruit or cream. Enjoy seasonal flavors too!

Spangles Deals: Combos And Value Packs

Spangles menu offers customers great ways to save. Their combo meals bring together favorites at lower prices. Enjoy a burger, fries, and a drink for less. Sharing a meal with friends? Family packs provide multiple servings in one convenient package. Groups get discounts when ordering large quantities, making eating out more affordable. These special packs are perfect for parties or meetings.

Deal Type Description Price
Single Combo Burger, Fries, Drink $6.99
Family Pack 2 Adult Meals, 2 Kids’ Meals $19.99
Group Discount Orders Over $50 10% Off

Kid-friendly Options: The Spangles Junior Menu

The Spangles Junior Menu is packed with nourishing choices designed specifically for children. Delight your little ones with wholesome meals that are both delicious and nutritious. The menu features a variety of options to satisfy the pickiest of eaters. Favorites include mini burgers, grilled cheese, and crispy chicken bites. Each meal is served with a choice of apple slices or fries, and milk or juice to drink.

Spangles also understands the importance of fun in a child’s dining experience. Each kids’ meal comes with a special toy to keep your kids entertained and smiling. On select occasions, the restaurant includes collectible toys which can be a delightful surprise for the young ones. For a sweet finish, Spangles offers kiddie sundaes and mini cones that are the perfect treat for children. With Spangles, your kids’ mealtime is guaranteed to be filled with joy!

Spangles Menu And Prices: Savor Cost-Friendly Delights!

Health-conscious Dining: Salads And Lighter Fare

Exploring Spangles’ menu yields a variety of fresh and crisp salad options for health-conscious diners. Each salad combines nutritious ingredients with delightful flavors. The Green Salad offers a bed of leafy greens, ripe tomatoes, and crunchy cucumbers. For something more substantial, try the Grilled Chicken Salad. It features lean protein atop fresh greens.

For those who prefer a zesty twist, the Southwest Salad comes with a kick. Corn, black beans, and a spicy dressing add to its appeal. The Fruit Salad is a sweet alternative, packed with seasonal fruits and a hint of mint. These delicious picks ensure that eating healthy at Spangles is always an enjoyable experience. Every dish is carefully crafted to offer both taste and health benefits.

Beverage Bonanza: From Sodas To Smoothies

Spangles Menu brings a drinks galore to satisfy your thirst. Classic sodas, invigorating smoothies, and more await your taste buds. Dive into a sea of beverage options offering both delicious flavors and nutritious benefits.

Choose from a wide range of soft drinks, or indulge in a fruit-packed smoothie. Love milkshakes? They’ve got them too, in enticing varieties.

Drink Category Options
Sodas Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, and more
Smoothies Berry Blast, Tropical Delight
Milkshakes Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

For the health-conscious, refreshing juices and iced teas offer a perfect alternative. Delight in the goodness of natural ingredients packed in every sip. Hydration never felt this good!

Spangles Menu And Prices: Savor Cost-Friendly Delights!

Seasonal Offerings And Limited-time Menus

Spangles Menu brings excitement with seasonal offerings. Dishes and flavors change with the seasons. Guests eagerly await these limited-time menus. Certain items make a comeback each year. Others are brand new, crafted to surprise your taste buds.

Keep your eyes peeled for Specials of the Season. These include summer smoothies or winter warmers. The specials often feature locally sourced ingredients. This ensures freshness and supports local farmers.

Don’t miss out on Limited-Time Treats. These may range from festive shakes to holiday-themed burgers. They’re here for a short time only. So, make sure to try them before they’re gone. Announcements for new items appear on Spangles’ social media. Check regularly, so you won’t skip any delightful treats.

Frequently Asked Questions On Spangles Menu And Prices

Who Owns Spangles?

Spangles is owned by the Steven family, who opened their first restaurant in 1978. The fast-food chain remains family-operated to this day.

How Many Spangles Locations Are There?

There are over 27 Spangles locations, primarily situated in Kansas.

What’s New On Spangles Menu?

Spangles continuously updates its menu with fresh options. Recently, they’ve added seasonal specials and expanded their breakfast offerings. Check Spangles’ website or visit their locations for the latest menu items.

How Much Do Spangles Burgers Cost?

Prices at Spangles vary by location, but generally, their burgers range from $3 for basic options to around $7 for premium burgers. For exact prices, refer to their online menu or in-store price list.


Exploring Spangles’ menu reveals a delightful array of options, all at wallet-friendly prices. Whether craving a gourmet steakburger or a refreshing salad, there’s a choice for every taste. Remember, the combination of quality, affordability, and variety at Spangles makes it a go-to spot for mealtime.

Visit for a satisfying dining experience without breaking the bank.


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