Does Del Taco Serve Breakfast

Does Del Taco Serve Breakfast? Unveil the Truth!

Yes, Del Taco serves breakfast. Their breakfast menu is available from 11 PM to 11 AM.

Del Taco’s breakfast offerings have become a staple for those seeking a quick, savory start to their day. The fast-food chain caters to early risers and night owls alike, providing an array of options that blend traditional American flavors with a Mexican twist.

From their signature breakfast tacos to hearty burritos filled with freshly scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and melted cheese, there’s a satisfying choice for any appetite. The convenience of extended breakfast hours ensures that whether you’re wrapping up a late night or kicking off an early morning, Del Taco has your cravings covered. With a focus on quality ingredients and bold flavors, Del Taco’s breakfast is designed to fuel your day without slowing you down.

Does Del Taco Serve Breakfast? Unveil the Truth!


Del Taco’s Breakfast Menu: A Hidden Gem?

Many folks wonder, does Del Taco serve breakfast? The answer is yes. Their breakfast menu is a hidden gem with lots to offer. You can enjoy early bird specials that are both tasty and affordable. Options include egg and cheese burritos, hashbrown sticks, and primo breakfast burritos. These meals are perfect for starting your day right. Don’t miss out on their signature crispy bacon and freshly brewed coffee. Each item is designed to satisfy your morning hunger and give you a great start to the day. Del Taco takes pride in serving quality breakfast to all early risers.

Does Del Taco Serve Breakfast? Unveil the Truth!


The Truth About Del Taco’s Breakfast Hours

Del Taco caters to early risers and breakfast lovers with an appetizing menu. Their breakfast hours begin promptly, ensuring that guests can enjoy breakfast burritos and more at the crack of dawn. The specific start time can vary by location, but typically, guests can order breakfast items as early as 6 or 7 AM.

As the morning progresses, patrons have ample time to savor their breakfast choices. Yet, all good things must come to an end, and so do Del Taco’s breakfast offerings. Generally, breakfast service concludes by 11 AM, aligning with traditional breakfast hours. This end time ensures a smooth transition to their lunch menu, providing a diverse range of options for their customers throughout the day.

Comparing Del Taco’s Breakfast With Competitors

Del Taco’s breakfast offerings stand out with their unique flavors and varied menu options. Guests can enjoy breakfast burritos and tacos filled with eggs, cheese, and a choice of bacon or chorizo. These items provide a hearty start to the day.

By contrast, Taco Bell’s breakfast menu is known for its signature A.M. Crunchwrap and Cinnabon Delights. Their approach combines traditional breakfast ingredients with a Mexican-inspired twist. Taco Bell focuses on convenience and speedy service.

McDonald’s breakfast, a staple for many, includes classic options like the Egg McMuffin and hotcakes. Known for consistency and widespread availability, their breakfast menu aims to provide familiar comfort foods.

Must-try Breakfast Items At Del Taco

Del Taco’s breakfast menu shines with Epic Scrambler Burritos and Breakfast Tacos. These items stand out for their taste and variety. Scrambler Burritos come packed with eggs, cheese, and your choice of bacon or chorizo. They’re wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, making them a perfect start to your day. Don’t miss out on the Breakfast Tacos either. They offer a lighter option but are just as delicious. Filled with fluffy scrambled eggs and cheese, these tacos can be topped with bacon or chorizo. Both breakfast options promise to satisfy your morning hunger with a burst of flavor.

Nutritional Facts: Breakfast At Del Taco

Del Taco’s breakfast menu offers a range of options with varying calorie counts. Breakfast burritos and tacos are popular, but their calorie content can be high. A single Egg and Cheese Breakfast Taco contains about 300 calories, while a Breakfast Burrito can go up to 740 calories. It’s essential to pay attention to portion sizes and ingredients to manage caloric intake.

For those seeking healthier choices, Del Taco provides several options. The Breakfast Roller with egg and cheese has only 340 calories, making it a lighter alternative. Guests can also customize their breakfast items to reduce calories, such as skipping cheese or sour cream. Choosing water or black coffee as a drink can also help maintain a healthier meal.

Does Del Taco Serve Breakfast? Unveil the Truth!


Customer Reviews: Breakfast At Del Taco

Del Taco’s breakfast has garnered numerous positive reviews from patrons. Many highlight the flavorful breakfast burritos and value for money. Guests often praise the quick service and convenience for early morning meals.

Despite the positive feedback, there is room for enhancement. Some customers suggest extending breakfast hours for those who wake up late. Others mention a desire for more healthy options on the menu. A few reviews point out the need for consistent food quality across different locations.

Del Taco Breakfast: Worth The Hype?

Del Taco breakfast menu has unique and tasty options. Many people love their variety. They serve eggs, bacon, and cheddar breakfast tacos. These are a big hit. Their hash brown sticks are perfect for dipping. You can eat breakfast all day.

Yet, not everything is perfect. Some find their breakfast too greasy. Others think it’s not the healthiest option. A few say it’s more expensive than other places. But, many still come back for the flavor and convenience.

Future Of Breakfast At Del Taco

Del Taco regularly updates its menu with exciting new breakfast options. Patrons can expect to see an assortment of innovative dishes designed to invigorate morning routines. Upcoming additions promise to cater to a variety of tastes, featuring bold flavors and quality ingredients.

The brand is set to introduce seasonal specials that take advantage of fresh, local produce. These limited-time offerings aim to provide a unique culinary experience with every visit. Customer favorites may find a permanent spot on the breakfast menu, reflecting Del Taco’s commitment to menu innovation based on guest feedback.

Timeframe Specials
Spring Avocado Toast
Summer Mango Salsa Burrito
Fall Pumpkin Spice Quesadilla
Winter Peppermint Chocolate Tacos

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does Del Taco Stop Serving Breakfast Near Me?

Del Taco typically stops serving breakfast at 11 am, but local restaurant hours may vary. Check your nearest location for specific times.

What Is The Healthiest Thing At Del Taco?

The Fresca Bowl at Del Taco is among the healthiest options, offering lean protein and fresh veggies for a nutritious meal.

How Many Calories Are In A Del Taco Breakfast Burrito?

A Del Taco breakfast burrito typically contains around 290 to 490 calories, depending on the specific ingredients and size.

Who Owns Del Taco?

Del Taco is owned by Jack in the Box Inc. , a restaurant company. They acquired Del Taco in 2022, expanding their fast-food portfolio. This purchase united two popular dining brands under one corporate umbrella.


Wrapping up, Del Taco indeed offers a breakfast menu for early risers craving a twist on classic morning flavors. It’s the perfect spot for those seeking both traditional and innovative options to start their day. Remember, their breakfast hours are as unique as their offerings, so check your local Del Taco for specific serving times.

Enjoy a fresh take on breakfast with Del Taco’s savory selections!

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